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covid- 1984 8.5x11 new.jpg

Orwellian Nightmare

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Mick Jagger Would Not Share Chicken

mick vat vaccine crop w writing.jpg

The Cat Could Talk When Mick Was High

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coloring book stones 3 large.jpg
coloring book stones 5 large.jpg
coloring book stones 7 large.jpg
coloring book stones 2 large.jpg
coloring book stones 4 large.jpg
coloring book stones 6 large.jpg
coloring book stones 8 large.jpg

The Mick Jagger Coloring Book

1 a a bob dylan studies fall of

Bob Dylan Studies the Fall of Pride at Studio 54 in New York City

video with Kata talking about the painting

Quantifying Tempt large.jpg

The Devil Mis-judged the Amount of Temptation Needed- and the Plan Backfired

stones liberace poodles main

Liberace and His Mother Invited the Stones to Dinner and the Toy


Poodles and Apes Performed

mick high cat w easel crop mlk.jpg

The Cat Changed the Macrame to Say   


Kata in a Video Talking About This Painting

stones and boy in macdonnalds lgr.jpg
mick and nasty gals main.jpg

Mick Jagger Thinks of Sexy Girls From a Different Time

1 a ebay mick clowns frame sharper darke

Mick Assaulted Some Clowns in the Park

1 A robots.jpg

Mick Was Bored When Fantasizing About Girls so He Turned His Fantasies

                                        to Robots Instead

1 A devils Plans w mickey mouse med.jpg

The Devil's Goals For Our Time

stones liberace poodles main original.jpg
WIX mick sign darker.jpg
Mick Goya Gates PRINTED.jpg
FOR PRINT Mick Hog Farmer with vax TYPE.jpg
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