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Weaponized ART

I also believe- this art is weaponized against human beings- due to these juxtaposed facts/

the quality of the filming is beyond beautiful- so beautiful that despite its lack of PLOT- and twisted viewpoint- it sucks one in like a vortex.

Its rather like an extremely beautiful high class call girl- who likes to torture her customers by intentionally giving them all kinds of diseases- while making love to them.

My last example of art beautifully done- infecting peoples minds with screwed up viewpoints are

the paintings of the much revered (in art circles world wide) Balthus-

His 'craft' is indisputably great.

the way- the paint glides seamlessly across the surface.

The way the figures are modeled in ways so subtle they almost surpass realism-

YET---he appears (by his choice of composition ALONE) to have been a pedophile.

look at these two works and judge for yourself...



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