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1a a 4 KEYS.jpg



This painting was one of my first rock and roll icon art pieces. Created in about 1991, this scenario from my imagination is painted in a folk-art manner and

shows Elvis enacting four of the keys to his success.


1. Love Your Mama

2. Go on TV.

3. Pose with Pretty Girls

4. Wear Fancy Clothes.


This piece like most of my rock and roll icon art is very autobiographic.


she writes: "when I lived in Nashville and was with a singer-songwriter-

we watched new stars rise to fame-

after their agents and hair and makeup people worked on their "look" ...

after they posed for hundreds of publicity pictures

after they slept with the right people.

after wheelbarrows of money appeared at the back doorsteps of record and publishing companies on music row...

not in Elvis' time...

Elvis didn't have 20 thousand dollar mixing boards

and the press agents...

just raw talent -

Talent and guts to drive hundreds of miles between radio stations-

performing on air from one little town to the next ...

until the day the Grande Ole Opry called (or the Ed Sullivan show) and asked for a live television appearance..."

1A Elvis Did Dishes huge.jpg
1a a barbie nightmare smlr.jpg
I Saw Elvis Playboy Club Largest.jpg
1A on stage underwear.jpg
1 a ebay a blue footy crop.jpg
1 a ebay elvis lingerie place main.jpg
1 a Elvis Beatnik darker lgr.jpg
A1 sammy and mom.jpg
Motel framed LG.jpg
fork fauci biz card w fork.jpg
Homeless Man Coke MED.jpg
Elvis Barbie Nightmare in frame medium.jpg

In this scenario from my imagination- Elvis is having a nightmare that Barbie became fat frumpy and angry.

This piece is autobiographic (like much of my rock and roll icon art

I created this painting on the tail end of a four year romance that went no where because the guy I was involved with was looking for an ideal woman (a Barbie doll).

I was watching an old 60's movie last night - and in the CREDITS were  "THREE UN-NAMED BROADS".

unbelievable. women were still like baby making "broads" in the sixties.

Elvis RCA dogs and ladies center medium.jpg
Elvis Bumper Cars medium.jpg
E Dishes open doors MED.jpg
E in Diner framed MED.jpg
1 a ebay a blue footy crop.jpg
1 a ebay elvis lingerie place main.jpg
1 a elvis mick.jpg
Elvis and Bettie CENTER.jpg
1a ebay alter ego center smlr W WORDS.jpg
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