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bob dylan studies fall of pride at studi

Bob Dylan Studies the Fall of Pride at Studio 54 in New York City

1a a bob in vegas.jpg

TITLE: Bob in Vegas

In this piece, Dylan is my doppelganger- doing living theater...


standing in the middle of a Las Vegas avenue wearing an historic actors skirt.

This piece was inspired by a story told to me by a lawyer years ago.

He'd just returned from having a few beers at an old established Asheville bar- with some of the town's 'rulers and kings'.

They started passing around pictures from their semi annual trip to a huge house they rented in Mexico.

First were the expected photos of the waves and little towns- but then came the naked children.


His mind was trapped like a record with a scratch in it... 

Then he came unhinged; took off all his clothes, climbed on top of the table and did a 'jig'.

His friends laughed--

They had no idea he was experiencing-

a crisis of faith.

A few years later I heard similar stories; this time- in Charleston- South Carolina. Tales of giant sex parties with soiled diapers and cigars. Stories of regular orgies among the cities' most prominent citizens.

Then in Aspen I was told of dinner parties with napkin holders in the shape of a penises, etc.


It will take people who give a shi# to rebuild morals and culture...distancing from ‘devices’ and reuniting people with their capacity for empathy.  

1A dylan big girl now.jpg

Bob Backstage with the Dancers

Bob Anger Managment in frame medium.jpg
1a a dylan big biz big.jpg

Bob Dylan Watching the BIG BIZ NESS Show

Bob and Andy center MED.jpg

This is the True and Famous Story of When Andy Warhol Lent Bob Dylan a Painting and Bob Traded it for a Couch

1 a a dylan charlie.jpg

Two Great American Poets

1 a a bob social main.jpg
JOKERMAN lighter left side PRINTED.jpg


tangled up 2016 new.jpg

Tangled Up in Blue

1A dylan gyspy.jpg
1A bob shelter.jpg
empEMPire burlesque globalism type PRINT.jpg
masters of war lg.jpg
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