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Hi this is KATA.


It’s 2023. This is my 'hub site- from here you can link directly to my first major body of work

which is rock and roll icon art work, (see that in the menu above)

and my other large body of work; (spiritual art)- see it also in the menu above.  

I'm in the process of developing a website for that work. It will be up soon.

other sites I am developing are about spiritual phenomena

and supernatural healing will be linked soon from here too


My career has spanned over 35 years - and I have over one hundred

images of my work still to scan- and my husband, George is learning to be

a photographer to upgrade my images.

Over the years I've created various categories of work.

Please look at them at the very bottom of this page if you have the interest.


we hope to move to the southeast coast of Georgia or Florida soon.


Thanks for looking. and please come back!



title below: LOVE LOVE

+ LOVE LOVE 8.5x11 BIG w black title.jpg

N.Y.C. writer Todd Capp says: "Kata paints postmodern parables of our time". Using a few rock and roll icons from the 70's as her doppelgangers, she tells stories about scads of topics including love, lust,  pitfalls of fame, vanishing Americana, medical tyranny, obsession, transhumanism etc. She also paints spiritual parables and makes short films about her work. All these parts of KATA's work are introduced on this site and can be seen more comprehensively via links to KATA's various bodies of work throughout the site. 

title below: 1984

++1984 with 1984 BIG with book language on it.jpg

title below:  The Mick Jagger Coloring Book (8 pages)

title below: page 2. from The Mick Jagger Coloring Book

coloring book stones BIG overview.jpg

click on image above for description, size, price etc. in my eBay gallery

coloring book stones BIG page 2.jpg
coloring book BIG pg 1 colored.jpg

title below: Ode to The Rolling Stones song; Shattered

+ 8.5x11 SHATTERED Mick Goya Gates.jpg

title below: Mick Was Bored Fantasizing About Girls so He Turned His Fantasies to Robots Instead

+ Mick Robots 8.5x11.jpg

title below: Quantum Sleep

+ QUANTUM  SLEEP 8.5x11 BIG w dark block and title.jpg
Mick in 70's was Rebel 8.5x11 lgr for office depot specs.jpg

title below: Ode to Bob Dylans' song; Shelter From the Storm

Bob shelter posterize 8.5x11.jpg
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